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How does it work?

Transform your space with our seamless and personalised process. Book a consultation now!



Step into the ORDEN world. The process starts with an in-person or virtual consultation. We will assess which area of your home needs treatment, discuss a time frame and your budget.



Designed exclusively for you! After the consultation our creative minds will fashion a personalised plan that perfectly fits your needs and budget. Secure your project with a signature and a 70% deposit.



Select your service. It takes 5-7 days to source storage your solutions. Our hourly service charge includes a 10% fee for item sourcing and purchases, travel fees and card swipe costs.



It's time for the grand reveal!

As we embark on the installation and OCD treatment, we artfully sort, clear out, clean, declutter, and organise your home. Upon completion the outstanding balance is payable.

The  O C D  process

We aim to create clutter-free spaces that look good and function optimally. ORDEN values your privacy and will treat your belongings with the utmost respect.Our services include home organisation, storage solutions, design and décor, beauty and fashion, styling, image consultation and wardrobe revamp.


We understand that it is difficult to part with possessions, but we really believe that 'less is more'. Opening a well organised pantry or curated closet can be extremely satisfying and 'letting go' is really liberating. If you struggle to declutter, ask yourself if your collectibles still 'sparks joy' (advice from Marie Kondo)? If not, consider donating it. Giving to others can bring so much joy.

As Home Organisers we focus on organisation, but we've added Colour Analysis, Styling and a full wardrobe revamp to our list of services. We highly recommended this in order to determine your colouring, face shape, body shape, etc. It is worth invest in a capsule wardrobe that suits your lifestyle and keep your wardrobe decluttered.


Always, always be your own kind of beautiful!


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Pinterest Pantry

Affordable. Aspirational. Luxe

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The Playroom | The Nursery

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Personal shopping

Storage solutions, decor or wardrobe


Do you need a new wardrobe for this next phase of your life or some new seasonal items?

We will go shopping with you, show you 'how' to shop, 'where' to shop, and 'what' to invest in for timeless elegance.

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Closet Organisation

Stylist | Fashionista | The Vanity

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The Office

Mini O C D services

Did you know that an organised workspace will help you increase your productivity? Let us help you make the most of yours

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Monthly maintenance package

Additional services

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Orden styling

Colour & Style | Closet Revamp | Styling

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Describe one of your services

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