The O C D process

We aim to create spaces that look good and function optimally. In a world full of fast fashion and trends, we prefer timeless classics. We start with a consultation to assess which area of your home needs treatment, discuss a time frame and budget. We prepare a quotation, require a signature and a deposit upfront in order to secure the project. We charge at an hourly rate for our service and a 10% service fee for items sourced and purchased on your behalf – this covers our travelling and card swipe costs. Upon completion the outstanding balance is payable. You are welcome to let us know if you’d like more information about a specific offering. 

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We love to tackle just about any type of job that comes our way. We systematically group and organise items into zones whether it is organising a cluttered drawer, arranging an unorganised bookshelf or unpack and sort through a mountain of boxes. We're not shy to move furniture around in order to improve the flow and layout of a space.


ORDEN is committed to getting the job done and we love being creative. We can assist in redecorating a room, choosing a new paint colour for your wall or even give style advice with regards to your wardrobe. We love thinking out of the box and finding solutions. We can also make recommendations for a personal style and colour consultation, wardrobe planning & shopping, interior decoration, a handy man or builder.


We understand that it is difficult to part with possessions, but we really believe that less is more. Opening a well organised pantry or craft cupboard can be extremely satisfying and having the items you really love at hand is key. If you struggle to declutter, ask yourself if the items still 'sparks joy' (advice from Marie Kondo)? If not, consider donating it. Giving to others can bring so much joy, so go ahead, make a difference in someone else's life.