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O R D E N. Arrange, classify, dispose, order, sort.

At ORDEN we are a little O C D about spaces. Professional Home Organisers, Jeanine & Natascha would love to ORGANISE. CREATE. DECLUTTER your home or closet into a space fit for a celebrity lifestyle.

The O C D process starts with a consultation. Thereafter we brainstorm to create a plan suited to each client's specific needs and budget. Once a plan is in place we sort, clear out, clean, declutter and organise. Our services include storage solutions, interior redesign, styling and decor, filing and closet organising. We also have a heart for the less fortunate and will happily channel your unused and unloved items to a local charity.

Our passion is to simplify your life. 

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Jeanine & Natascha van ORDEN is ’n absolute fees! Hul ingesteldheid op fyn detail is indrukwekkend! Vandat ORDEN my huis kom besoek het, gaan al die prosesse in die huis vinniger! Dis soveel makliker om alles op te spoor en te weet waar alles ge-ORDEN is! Hardwerkend, professioneel, funksioneel, vol energie en doeltreffend is die beste manier om hierdie ge-ORDENDE span te beskryf! Baie dankie Jeanine en Natascha! Ek beveel die ORDEN span aan vir ALLE huishoudings!

Aletté Winckler, Image Consultant & Stylist


199 Main Rd, Somerset West, Cape Town, 7139, South Africa


+27 82 440 7169

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