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Book a Consultation

The O C D process starts with a consultation to assess which area of your home needs treatment, discuss a time frame and budget. Send us a WhatsApp video of your problem area and talk us through your needs.

Our Services

  • Detox your pantry, and get the basics in place!

    2 hr

    1,500 South African rand
  • Feel like tackling a project by yourself but don't know how?

    45 min

    300 South African rand
  • Do you ever feel like your wardrobe is boring?

    4 hr

    3,500 South African rand
  • This is every girl's dream, a 2-hour declutter session with Natascha &...

    2 hr

    1,200 South African rand
  • Consultation session with ORDEN.

    1 hr

    500 South African rand
  • 500 South African rand
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